3-5 August 2018

The Sydney Combined Weekend is held on the first weekend of August each year and provides an opportunity for fellowship around Gods word.

This year the details are as follows (God willing):

The Wisdom and Power of Godly Love
Bro Ken Styles – USA


Friday 3rd August

8pm – Study 1   ‘The Love of the Father’

Saturday 4th August

2pm – Study 2  ‘The Love of the Son’
4pm – Study 3  ‘The Wisdom of Godly Love’
6pm – Dinner provided
Young Peoples supper ‘Godly Friendship’

Sunday 5th August

10am – Memorial Study  ‘A More Excellent Way’
1.30pm – Study 5  ‘The Power of Godly Love’



This year’s Combined Weekend will be held at-

Heritage College Sydney

110 Cross Street
Kemps Creek   NSW 2178